School Uniform

Our uniform plays a key role in: 

  • promoting the ethos of a school
  • providing a sense of belonging and identity
  • setting an appropriate tone for education

Prior to joining Wise Academies in 2018, there were 4 uniform changes over a short period of time.  With the cost implications for parents in mind, Wise Academies and school leaders made the decision to adapt the existing uniform rather than implement a further uniform change. 

Branded uniform

Our only item of branded uniform is our school jumper / cardigan which includes our school logo.  These items have been chosen for their longevity.  They wash well, holding their shape and remaining presentable over several years.  When they were introduced in 2018 parents commented that they lasted much better than supermarket jumpers. Parents also found they needed fewer jumpers as children tend not to chew the sleeves and due to the colour they do not mark easily. Many families pass these on to younger members of the family, friends or choose to donate them to our uniform recycling scheme once they are outgrown.   These items are supplied directly to parents and the school does not make any profit from the purchase of these items.   Our school jumpers can be purchased from Emblematic, delivery to school is free.

Optional branded items 

We introduced a book bag and small rucksack at the request of parents in 2019.  Parents told us that children were asking for expensive brands of bags for school (Smiggle etc).  The school bags are less expensive and last several years.   They are also a suitable size for the limited storage available in school.   

Widely available items 

All other items are widely available from shops and supermarkets.  We chose sky blue polo tops as these are the same price as white polo tops, yet hold the colour better in the wash (they are less likely to turn grey / pink in the wash).  

Eco-friendly Uniform Recycling 

We operate a termly uniform exchange,  offering all parents the opportunity to donate and access preloved uniforms.  This service is FREE to all.   Parents are also able to access the uniform recycling store at our coffee mornings every 3 weeks.  We share our uniform recycling service with all parents prior to the start of each term.  Requests can be made at any time using the following form:

Example uniform cost - updated Summer 2022

Jumper £14.75 or cardigan £16.50
Polo shirts (5 pack, £6 Asda)
Skirt (2 for £6 Asda)
Trousers (2 for £6 Asda)
Socks (10 for £3 Asda)
PE t-shirts (2 for £2 in Asda)
Black PE shorts (£3 in Asda)

Plus shoes

Typical complete uniform: £34.75 - £36.50 plus shoes