We have a real passion for maths in our school and a love of maths is promoted across our daily lessons. We use the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach within our daily teaching of mathematics which allows children to move though their learning at their own pace whilst also accessing reasoning and problem solving activities to provide challenge. 

Using concrete resources is a key part of everyday lessons and we offer a wide selection to support and extend our learning of key skills. Children enjoy choosing which resource they would like to use to support their own learning. Flexible use of resources encourages flexible thinking.

Times Tables Rock Stars is a real success in our school and our children take great pride in their own times tables achievements. Our Times Tables Rock Stars lunchtime club has been a real hit across all key stages.

Our children enjoy battling against not only their peers but their teachers too! Success is celebrated every week in key stage assemblies where certificates are handed out.

Numbots is also enjoyed by our younger pupils. Numberfun is a daily part of our EYFS using songs and rhymes to promote the learning of key number skills.

In our school we encourage children to be independent mathematicians but also to use their skills to work collaboratively to solve problems. We aim to provide real life contexts when problem solving to enable our children to see problems as not just another maths problem but as a problem which could help them in everyday life.

Cross-curricular links are made within other areas of our curriculum, for example being able to weigh and measure ingredients when baking in a topic lesson.