“Without music, we cannot be seen to be educating the whole person. The inclusion of music in education allows us to celebrate one of the unique attributes of humanity while, at the same time, developing, deepening and extending our range of available musical behaviours. When we engage in music, we involve our inner emotional world (whether as listener, performer or composer) and foster expressive behaviours and creative imagination … as part of our individual, group and community identity.”  

 (Welch and Adams 2003)

"Nurture, Believe, Inspire, Achieve"

Here at Haltwhistle, we aim to nurture a genuine passion and  love of music in all our pupils, by providing them with varied musical experiences, recognising the positive impact that these can have upon our well being.

We want our children to engage in music and believe in their ability to participate, when singing, playing and composing, both individually and as part of our school community. 

We believe that a high quality music education should inspire children to develop their talent as composers and musicians and also provide opportunities to learn to play instruments, sing  and achieve high levels of personal success.


Choir including WISE Sing (within Music)

Our choir perform locally at the annual Haltwhistle Christmas shopping event and make regular visits to the Haltwhistle Hospital.  

Between Two Rivers was written as part of an intergenerational song writing project based in Haltwhistle, Northumberland. Members of Hadrian Singers Community Choir and children from Haltwhistle Primary Academy worked with Bridie Jackson to write a collection of original songs, reflecting on the unique history and beauty of the area.

Now that we are part of WISE Academies, we have taken part in a memorable moment - The WISE Sings Event, a musical celebration held in a central performance venue. 

All of our pupils enjoyed performances from choirs from each of our academies. The children joined in with songs they had rehearsed as well as new songs learnt on the day.  It was a real celebration of music and the joy of singing.