Special Educational Needs

We welcome all children to Haltwhistle Primary Academy and we prioritise admission for children with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND).  

We offer a comprehensive support programme and our policies can be found below:

At Haltwhistle Primary Academy, our SENDCo is Mrs Bethan Allsop, who you can contact via the details listed on our contact page.

Our local governor for SEND is Mr Stephen Prandle, who can be contacted via the details listed on our contact page.

Child and Family Support

It's normal for every family to need a little extra help from time to time. Our staff team will be able to offer support or will help you to find the help you need in partnership with other professionals working in our community. We are lucky to have a strong partnership with the Children's Centre, Health visitor and Health Centre here in Haltwhistle. Many problems can be resolved with help from your child's class teacher or support assistant.

We  are able to offer support for families experiencing a wide range of challenges such at:

  • Establishing morning and bedtime routines
  • School attendance
  • Managing your child’s emotional wellbeing
  • Emotion based school avoidance
  • Bereavement and understanding loss
  • Managing the behaviour needs of children with SEND at home

If you need to access support, please contact the school office and we will arrange for the most appropriate person to make contact with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

The following section provides some basic information to support common childhood challenges.   We regularly run workshops in these areas.  Details can be found on our Facebook page, or school noticeboard. Further support is also available from our partner organisations (see Partner Organisations section).


The following organisations are recommended as additional sources of information and support for parents:

Emotion Coaching Resources

Be A Champion

Our Be A Champion app develops pupils health and well-being through mentoring and support to develop the 4 health life habits of positive mindset, good sleep, healthy eating and physical activity.  The app can be downloaded on Google play and apple store.  A paper version is also available on request.  There are super prizes, such as a fitness app, which can be awarded once good habits are established.  Pupil codes are available from your child's class teacher.